– Bjørn Legler

Development Engineer at Oticon

“Michael is an excellent teacher not only because of his broad knowledge about languages (and their origins) but also because of his good sense for people. He is able to quickly adapt to the students preferences.”

– Jackie


“Thank you so much for the tuition that I received from you. I was very impressed with the way that you structured the lessons to focus on my requirements – tailor made for me! I would not hesitate to recommend you to anybody.”

– Lisa & AC


“I am still being stuck everywhere on my papers, but attending your Danish class has been one of the best ways (almost in the same effect as alcohol ) to ease this tension from this goddamn satans inhumane MBA course!!”

– Petra Gernhardt – Global QC Specialist – Novonesis


”The book Danish Grammar – Naturally provides a new perspective to learning Danish. Focusing on real life situations and use of the language, taking culture of both Denmark and the student into consideration, it brings learning to a more human level than the average language book. The topics of the book are accompanied by beautiful pictures taken by the author, Michael Falkendorf, and provide extra material for discussion. The book of course covers all the grammatical concepts needed to use Danish at a conversational level, and plenty of exercises needed to master them.”