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Flexible and mobile Danish teaching of high quality for everyone – foreigners and Danes, private and employees. Lecture on the Amazon and the Danish language.


Quality in teaching and practical application.

Flexibility and mobility – in relation to time and place.

Lectures on travel and language

Tuition for private, team or company.

High quality Danish lessons for everyone

Danish Language Service is a one man firm and that means that I have a personal interest in you and / or your company being satisfied customers. I take the word “service” seriously. My primary activity is Danish teaching with a high quality for everybody – foreigners and Danes, private and employd.
Forthermore I give lectures on the Amazon rainforest and oddities in the Danish language. My name is Michael Falkendorf, MA in Danish and psycho linguistics and I have taught people from most of the world in Danish language and culture for more than 40 years – and I still love it.

DANISH – Naturally

Here you have a different kind of Danish teaching book, where you get an overall insight in and an easy access to the basic elements of the Danish language system with explanations on the system in both Danish and English. You also find matching exercises to the grammatical topic, you want to work with.

Furthermore, you get a nature picture book with pictures of different animals used as an entrance to speak Danish and talk about different aspects of the life, your life. And to relax your brain!

Spread all over the book, I have put some short stories from my own life in relation to the pictures, funny stories and some of the history of Denmark. Based on 45 years of Danish teaching for foreigners, I have tried to make this a practical and useful entrance to Danish language. You will be the judge of that. Have fun!

Danish for foreigners

The teaching is flexible and mobile, which means that I come to the student at agreed times and places, at home or at work. The advantages of this teaching are, among other things, that the student sets the level himself and decides the pace himself. The teaching can take place at all levels and is organized according to the student’s wishes and needs. The teaching is based on dialogue (speech and pronunciation) and written Danish (spelling and grammar) and thus lays a thorough foundation for understanding and using Danish in everyday life.

Danish for companies

The Danish teaching can take place in groups or as individual teaching and is arranged in the workplace as courses in written communication for caseworkers, secretaries and others who work with formulating texts on a daily basis. I offer 2 different courses of Danish for companies. The form of work will alternate between presentations and group work, so that the students can take their own linguistic needs and observations as a starting point.

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From andes to amazonas

Amazonas, the world’s largest rainforest

Duration: 1 ½ hour

We start the journey approx. 4000 m up in the Andes and takes a quick trip down into the Amazon, the world’s largest rainforest, which we will take a closer look at. I show pictures and movies of this amazing nature with animals and plants and their interaction. You will, among other things. to see tarantulas, tangars and tamanduas, parrots, fish, sloths and jaguars – and hear about the lives of animals and humans in the Amazon.

4,000.00 dkr

Behind the danish language

About exploring in one’s own language

Duration: 1 ½ hour

I would like to present the Danish language experienced through a foreigner’s wondering questions and thus open to both aha experiences and contemplation – both for Danes and foreigners. Danish is a wonderful language with a lot of different (thumb) rules that we never think about in everyday life, but which still make our conversations stick together and become understandable – for the most part!

4,000.00 dkr

– Bjørn Legler

Development Engineer at Oticon

“Michael is an excellent teacher not only because of his broad knowledge about languages (and their origins) but also because of his good sense for people. He is able to quickly adapt to the students preferences.”


– Jackie

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“Thank you so much for the tuition that I received from you. I was very impressed with the way that you structured the lessons to focus on my requirements – tailor made for me! I would not hesitate to recommend you to anybody.”

– Lisa & AC

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“I am still being stuck everywhere on my papers, but attending your Danish class has been one of the best ways (almost in the same effect as alcohol ) to ease this tension from this goddamn satans inhumane MBA course!!”