About Danish Language Service

Danish Language Service is a one man firm and that means that I have a personal interest in you and / or your company being satisfied customers. I take the word “service” seriously. My primary activity is Danish teaching with a high quality for everybody – foreigners and Danes, private and employd.
Forthermore I give lectures on the Amazon rainforest and oddities in the Danish language.
My name is Michael Falkendorf, MA in Danish and psycho linguistics and I have taught people from most of the world in Danish language and culture for 40 years – and I still love it.

Danish Language Service is based on 2 things:

1) Quality in the teaching/tuition and practical use.
2) Flexibility and mobility – in relation to time and place


When I started to teach foreigners living in Denmark in the end of the 1970’s, it was a pioneer’s work. You see, my MA degree had never anticipated all the questions that foreigners can put about the Danish language. But now, I have found answers to far the most of the questions. (See Lectures). This knowledge about the Danish language system, the grammar, that I have gathered over the years, can make the learning easier, since there now is a system behind the madness, which can be transformed into practical, useful Danish in the daily life. This I would like to present to business people, students and others, who for some reason cannot or will not attend the regular language centers and that is why I started Danish Language Service. After all these years I still love to teach and explain the language, because in the end the culture pops up and that is interesting – even funny. I also like the flexible life of driving around Zealand to teach in businesses and private homes.

I have been teaching in many different contexts, developed projects, given lectures and written in the newspapers about language and culture, but now I would like to present a lecture, that will take you all the way down to the heart of the Danish language and you will get the answer to why the ‘g’ in ‘kage’ (cake) is pronounced as a Danish ‘i’ – and other oddities. A lecture that will change your perception of Danish and probably also make you think more about your own language.
Besides the teaching I have through the years traveled quite a bit and love to tell about my experiences and that has lead to giving lectures and showing pictures about my travels, starting with Turkey in the -80’s and now about South America, especially the Amazon rainforest, whose nature and wild life simply bowls me over. Nature and wild life has been an interest of mine since boyhood, so I’m happy to travel all over Denmark to talk and show pictures and films about the life
in the Amazon rainforest.

I hope we meet sometime out there.
Best regards

Please, contact me for more information.