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Danish for foreigners

When and where:
I teach all over Zealand. The tuition is flexible and mobile which means, that I will come to the student when and where we agree upon. That might be at work or at home. This way of teaching has the advantage of being flexible as to the student’s time and progression. The lessons, that the student cancels more than 24 hours before a session, will just be moved to some other time.

The tuition can be organized as:
1) Private tuition – at work, home, library…
2) Company tuition – at work, with focus on the language at work.
3) Class tuition – at work, home…

The basic tuition will contain practicing dialog and written exercises, useful words and phrases, which will enable the student to get along in the everyday life in Denmark. There are a lot of grammatical and phonetic rules that are useful to know to make sense in a language, that many foreigners would say were 2 languages: One spoken – one written. Tuition can take place on all levels (from beginner to university) and I can give the student answers as to the structure of Danish language, the grammatical rules. Furthermore, the tuition can be tailormade to fit individual needs or the language at work. Introduction to Danish culture and society will be a natural part of the Danish language tuition.

For 1 to 3 students per lesson / 45 minutes 450.00 dkr. Minimum 2 lessons at a time.
Example: 15 times/meetings at 1½ hours per meeting: 13,500. dkr. – 10% = 12,150.00 dkr.
More than 3 students in a class is 600.00 dkr. per lesson. 
Reduction of 10% at 30 or more lessons.
It might be necessary with a language test to establish if there is a mutual level in a group of students. That test will be for free.

Details of the Recommendation:

“Michael is an excellent teacher not only because of his broad knowledge about languages (and their origins) but also because of his good sense for people. He is able to quickly adapt to the students preferences. Reading the newspapers, understanding people in the street, visiting museums, ordering food in a restaurant are examples for hands on experiences he chose for me to supplement the conventional teaching method. When learning the Danish language from skretch I was pushed to a very appropriate level in no time. The lessons hadn’t been limited to grammar only but also included a introduction in Danish culture (understand the Danes mentality etc.). We always used to have a lot of fun!!! Today I could probably write a recommendation for Michael in Danish even better than in English. Thanx Mich”

Service Category: Teacher
Year first hired: 2005 (hired more than once)
Top Qualities: Personable, Expert, Good Value”

– Bjørn Legler, Development Engineer at Oticon

Details of the Recommendation:

“Hej Michael

Thank you so much for the tuition that I received from you. I was very impressed with the way that you structured the lessons to focus on my requirements – tailor made for me! I would not hesitate to recommend you to anybody. You relaxed style made me able to cope with the pressure and challenges of learning a new language.

I wish you all the very best.

Med venlig hilsen


Details of the Recommendation:

Hej Michael,

Tak for the information about on-line helping,i am sure it would be definitely helpful!!

I am still being stuck everywhere on my papers, but attending your Danish class has been one of the best ways(almost in the same effect as alcohol 😛 ) to ease this tension from this goddamn satans inhumane MBA course!!So…..vi vil gerne godt komme til klassen pa mandag eller tirsday hvis vi kan survive the paper and the exam early naeste uge ,hvordan skal vi forberede?hvad vil du laere?

Mange tak og har en god weekend~

Lisa & AC

Please, contact me for more information.