– About exploring Danish language

You can for instance wonder why “Hvad siger du selv? (What do you say yourself?) sounds like


There are a lot of linguistic rules, that can explain this and also sometimes reveal our cultural history.

Is there a system in the Danish numbers?
Why are the two A’s in Anders And (Donald Duck) pronounced differently?
How do you know, when a noun is spelled in one or two words?

I would like to present you to Danish language, experienced through a foreigners curious questions about how to make sense in this language. This lecture will hopefully make you think “Oho!” and “I see!” and create thoughtfulness – also to your own language.
Danish is a wonderful language with a lot of (thumb) rules, that we never think of in our daily conversation, but we talk anyway – and mostly we understand each other.

Warning! After this lecture you will probably be more sensitive not only towards Danish but also your own language.

Duration: 1 hour
Price : 2,000.00 dkr

PS: I have more than 40 years of practical experience in pathfinding in the Danish linguistic jungle.


Since 2003, when I first came to South America and walked the Inka Trail in the Andes mountains and later came deep into the Amazon rainforest, I have been fascinated by this immense display of nature’s diversity. I know this little village about 400 km north-east of Manaus, where I have come regularly in the last decade and I have visited the swamplands of Pantanal, where it is easier to see jaguars.

In the Amazon forest you sail among the trees in our winter time and around Christmas the water is low and good for fishing.

However, if the destruction of the rainforest continues with the same speed as now, our grandchildren will probably not experience it.

Let me show you around in the Amazon rainforest with pictures and films from my travels – or you could book a trip.

I have held the lecture, edited with special focus on birds, for bird clubs all over Denmark.
The lecture lasts about 1½ hour and costs 2.500,-dkr.

Please, contact me for more information.